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Are you a Doctor looking for an opportunity in The Netherlands?

Care Casters is recruiting recently graduated Doctors (with or without completed common year) or Specialist Doctors interested in moving to the Netherlands to work in Occupational Health/Occupational Medicine. 

If you think this is your chance to have a new and better career, please check the details below.

What do you have to offer

  • Doctor (with or without completed common year) or Specialist Doctor interested in a career change; 
  • Training in the EU and European citizenship; 
  • Flexible and solution-oriented personality; 
  • Proficiency in English (B2 level); 
  • Driver’s license; 
  • Interest and availability to learn Dutch through an intensive course lasting a maximum of 6 months, fully paid by the employer. During this period, B2+ level of Dutch is achieved, the required level to practice Medicine in the Netherlands; 
  • Ready for a permanent move to the Netherlands within a timeframe of around three months from the moment you receive the offer letter. 


What you can expect from us

  • Salary: €4000 in the first year and €4150 from the second year onwards (after 2 years, increases to €5500); 
  • 2-year contract; 
  • 40 hours per week; 
  • Vacation: 25 days; 
  • Performance bonus (minimum value: 1 salary); 
  • Location: Nijmegen; 
  • Dutch course; 
  • Support scholarship during the first part of the course (online) and accommodation + meals during the in-person phase of the course, already in the Netherlands. 

If you are a Doctor, looking to gain more control over your work-life balance, we’d like to hear from you. Please send your updated CV.