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Care Casters

We invest in the careers of care professionals from de EER/EU

and connect them with our clients in the Dutch healthcare.


Certified employees

Care professionals can count on a tailor-fit proposal for their career with lots of personal attention. Before our employees come to the Netherlands Care Casters will provide them with an intensive training program where they will learn the Dutch language, Dutch culture and specific care handlings required in Dutch healthcare.


Personal attention

Once the training is done, our employees will be ready to work in the Netherlands. Care Casters will ensure all the help they need: from the move itself to all the paperwork. Following their time in the Netherlands, we will provide our employees intensive support via the help of a personal coach to ensure the personal and professional development.


Customized care

Care institutions can build on our many years of know-how with a personal and hands on mentality in healthcare. We offer our clients reliable solutions in these times of scarcity and complexity.

By constantly recruiting care professionals internationally we provide a solution for their shortages. Due to their many years of successful experience, our team can advise clients the best solutions in human resource management.


Care Casters was founded because Frank, Berry and Paul are convinced several problems can be solved in the healthcare system. They dislike the fact that highly educated care professionals cannot find any, insufficient or matching jobs in their country of residence while there is a constant growing demand for them in the Netherlands.

Care Casters creates a win-win situation. For European care professionals we facilitate the careers they deserve. For Dutch care institutions we provide a structural solution for their shortages in care professionals. This way, Care Casters contributes to less unemployment in the World and better care for people in the Netherlands.


Working at Care Casters


As a licensed nurse, you will be trained at our expense to learn the Dutch language and culture. You will then be offered a one-and-a-half-year contract for 32- 36 hours at Care Casters – ensured with a good start salary and whereby accommodation will be paid by us. You will live in a shared apartment with other care professionals you will have gotten to know from the language course. This way you immediately have a comfortable social life. Throughout your time in the Netherlands, the Care Casters coaches will guide you in terms of work content but also ensure social activities. A few times a year we organize educational events where you also can have a drink and a bite with your colleagues.

After this one and a half year period at Care Casters the care institution will employ you (and your other colleagues from Care Casters) directly. From this moment you stand on your own feet and you continue building your own career.

Care Casters was conceived and founded by

Frank Mateman

is specialized in employing care professionals since 2012 in Dutch healthcare. He knows the people, the culture and regulations inside out. Frank is a creative thinker with a big network who sees Care Caster as the solution for elderly people in the Netherlands.

Paul Peerenboom

was for 22 years until 2019 the founder, the owner and the director of a HR-services company for the Dutch public sector. Paul is convinced of the beautiful value that Care Casters adds for both the care professionals and the Dutch people involved. Paul focuses on international recruitment, professional employment, contracting and finance.

Berry Rösken

works for many years in recruiting and HR. With Care Casters he creates a structural difference for Dutch healthcare. For our nurses this means an outstanding guidance towards and during their new jobs in the Netherlands. The ultimate goal is happiness at work and long or permanent careers in the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about Care Casters? Please contact Berry or Frank.

We invest in the careers of care professionals from de EER/EU and connect them with our clients in the Dutch healthcare.